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The emergence of Self-service Data Visualization has been a real disruption in the way business professionals visualize information for decision making. Data Visualization tools have gradually replaced corporate reports bringing more agility and flexibility.

Even if it is a real breakthrough, data visualization is not self-sufficient and this evolution has already met its limits: analytics capabilities are limited, the data processing is not duplicable and providing new end to end analytics takes too much time. Moreover, the need for increased user autonomy should not imply a loss of control and relevance of data. Facing these challenges, how to gain productivity and performance while allowing business users to create value from their data?

With the Alteryx platform, one of the leaders in advanced data analytics, business and data analysts can prepare, merge and analyze data using visual and repeatable workflows while keeping control of the self-service analytics proliferation.

Including natively more than a hundred of connectors (Files, Amazon S3, Oracle, Hive …), Alteryx platform enables efficient data transformation in a professional environment using a powerful and user-friendly interface.


  • The Self-service analytics disruption
  • Alteryx platform to address data analytics pain points
  • End to end use case and demo
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Sebastien Peyron

Sebastien Peyron

Analytics Domain Leader
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