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We had the opportunity to attend to the Analytics Workshops of 4 of our employees in Paris. We tell you everything in this post!

The IBM Cognos Analytics Architecture

Workshop Issam IBM Cognos Analytics
The BGFi Paris staff who came to attend the Workshop: The IBM Cognos Analytics architecture

On August 29, Issam hosted a session called: “The IBM Cognos Analytics Architecture“. The idea was to introduce all participants to what is hidden under the hood of this historical analytics solution. A technical presentation of the BI solution, therefore, to identify the different components and sub-components of its architecture and their interactions. Issam also shared his experience by exposing the different scenarios and best practices of application deployment that he masters.

Self-service Analytics: designed for the user, adapted to the company

Workshop Alteryx Tableau
Workshop Alteryx Tableau

On September 10, Farouk, Badis and Mohamad organized a workshop called “Self-service Analytics: designed for the user, adapted to the company“. Their objective? Present the synergies between the Alteryx and Tableau Software platforms! Alteryx provides powerful data analytics for business users and analysts. But when it comes to making these analysis available, Tableau is the indispensable solution for visualizing the data.

Discover BGFi’s self-service analytics solution.

Our 3 experts took the time to show their collaborators:

  • how to reduce data preparation time from several hours to a few minutes with Alteryx,
  • how to keep analytics up to date with Tableau,
  • how to present the data in a usable and easily interpreted way to guide users in making the best decisions.

Thank you to them!

There is no doubt that our co-workers enjoyed attending these two Workshops Analytics. It is an opportunity to mix conviviality ( pizza = conviviality, it is well known) and technology with a community of enthusiasts. Thanks to Issam, Farouk, Mohammed and Mohamad for their workshops and the time they spent.

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