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Upon the initiative of Nicolas Zecevic, Operations Leader BGFi France and Tunisia and Stéphane Martin, Operations Leader BGFi Belgium, the annual BGFi seminar was held. For the first time, 80 of our co-workers from France and Belgium met for a weekend at Le Touquet.

Team BGFi Seminar
A part of the French and Belgian teams

A complete journey!

Our teams met at the Westminster Hotel, the most beautiful hotel in the city, according to the local tourist office, where they could enjoy the comfort of the hotel and the gourmet cuisine prepared by a Michelin starred Chef.

The goal was to bring the teams together. So a Beach Challenge has been organised, led by animators from the town, and during which everyone has experimented sports and activities, such as:

  • Beach soccer
  • Beach volley
  • Giant puzzle
  • Mölkky redesigned
  • Blindfolded walks
  • Mental arithmetic, among others.
Team playing Beach Volley

Despite the weather forecast, we managed to avoid the rain! (and it was not a given 👌). After an incredible lunch at the table of William Elliott, Michelin starred Chef for 12 years, we spent the night in some of the town’s typical spots.

Presentation of the new BGFi strategy

The seminar had two main goals:

  • Federating both countries’ teams and encouraging exchanges
  • Share BGFi’s vision and strategy

On this latter, Stéphane and Nicolas detailed the new BGFi strategy in a three-part presentation scattered over the whole day.

From left to right: Nicolas Zecevic, William Elliott and Stéphane Martin

As a welcome speech, our two Leaders presented the Positive Thinking Company, its ambitions and the ecosystem it developed to achieve them, together with how BGFi is positioned within it. One of the main messages was about the importance of everyone’s involvement in the reaching of the company’s goals, formalized by intensive and deep collaborations of people and entities throughout the group.

At the end of the lunch, they focused their speech on BGFi’s organization, vision and strategy (in terms of the different solutions that have been elaborated). Nicolas and Stéphane went through the company’s history, for the newcomers, and then presented the 2019 roadmap progress. They also insisted on the role and involvement expected from each collaborator, regardless of their position within the company.

Restaurant Le Pavillon at lunchtime

They concluded their presentation by inviting particular collaborators to come and share their stories and feelings, and the projects they are working on, be them internally or externally : many thanks to MonicaVirginieKhalidBenoit, and Benjamin for their contributions.
The evening was also marked with the announcement of the results of the whole Beach Challenge and with the distribution of prizes 👏

Many thanks to the co-workers for their active participation

We would like to thank all our co-workers for their attendance, their incredibly good mood and involvement throughout the weekend. We are delighted to see that real exchanges have been established between the entities of the two countries.

We warmly thank Cpasdelacom for the organization

Without the team of Joelle Travers, Associate Director of Cpasdelacom, this seminar would definitely not have been such a success: quality of service, detail-oriented and creativity are the words that best describe the services and dedication that this hybrid communication agency brings to their clients.

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