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On February 20, as in 2019, Nicolas Zecevic, Operations Leader of BGFi France & Tunisia, brought together all the French co-workers for a convivial and professional evening event. On the agenda for this DataDrink #2: key facts of 2019 and focus on 2020.

Our priority for this new year is the adoption of the DataOps Culture both internally and at our projects level.

“We want to prioritize people and interactions over processes and tools, develop a long-term partnership with our customers, and promote experimentation, iteration and feedback. »

Nicolas, DataDrink #2 BGFi France

2019 Retrospective

Several topics were discussed, including the status of the main projects carried out in 2019, the consolidation and development of partnerships (we have been named as IBM Business Analytics Top 3 partners), and the definition, creation and packaging of ready-to-use solutions. Moreover, the emphasis was also put on the major improvements made in the implementation of a co-worker evolution plan, especially with the recent launch of the Analytics LAB all over our entities.

Last year was also marked by a repositioning of our activities. The goal was to become the trusted partner for our clients, helping them to increase the value of their main asset: data. These efforts will be intensified in 2020, with the aim of guiding our clients in their Data-driven strategy.

DataDrink BGFi Analytics
DataDrink #2 – BGFi Analytics

Focus on 2020

Digital transformation is Data-driven. From understanding the data to visualizing useful infomation for users. From traditional and modern analytical platforms to self-service analytics and data science. We guide our clients in defining and implementing their data-driven strategy.

Our mission is to provide business users with the ability to analyze their data on their own to make the best decisions and create value. We provide services from the creation of a data platform to the implementation of self-service analytics and Data Science approaches, as well as data integration and data governance.

Analytics as a Service to build a Data-driven company

Based on our previous experiences, we combine proven methodologies, cutting-edge technologies and recognized products within our solutions. Those are the answer to our clients’ day-to-day challenges.

From 2019, we have been promoting our Self-Service Analytics and Financial Performance Management solutions. We are now adding two new solutions to our catalogue:

Data Governance: our own methodology and market tools to manage data in a controlled and secure way.

– Cloud Analytics: the implementation or migration of end-to-end Analytics solutions on a Cloud platform.

These new areas of intervention, combined with our solution approach, reinforce our complete portfolio of services. Tailored to our clients’ needs, we are able to provide them with consulting, technical assistance, maintenance and support for Analytics software.

In addition to the technological aspect, we have also announced the implementation of an electronic Works Council. Each of our employees will soon have access to the ProwebCE platform offered by Edenred. An asset that many were waiting for. 🎉

Next Steps

For several months now, discussions have been initiated about a closer relationship with the mayato brand. We will build an alliance in 2020 to become the new Data & Analytics brand of the Positive Thinking Company’s ecosystem. More information in the next episode 😉

For the moment, it is up to Stéphane Martin, Operations Leader of BGFi Belgium, to bring his co-workers together for his first DataDrink. This evening event will take place at the Leopold Club in Brussels on March 19th, we wish him good luck!

Thank you to all our co-workers for their daily investment in the success of BGFi and thank you also to our caterer Scène et Sens for its support during this evening.

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