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Data: the main strategic core of a modern company in order to generate value

The volume of data processed daily has increased massively in recent years. Data is now considered as the 'new oil' that allows us to gain in competitiveness and efficiency. Many companies make this an imperative and implement a data-driven culture. Consequently, how can we take into account an ever-increasing volumes and ensure better data management in terms of structure, quality, security and governance?

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Our approach to knowing, understanding and governing your data

Data Quality

Enable all stakeholders to trust quality data according to the defined rules.

Data Governance

Guarantee the integrity, availability and usability of your data to forge optimal governance.

Master Data Management

Create and maintain all the properties or characteristics related to the company's data. These metadata, functional and/or technical, allow to understand the data by giving them a context.

Products & Technologies

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Colibra's data governance and cataloguing solutions provide teams with powerful tools that facilitate the use of data in the company. This flexible and configurable solution puts people and processes first allowing everyone to maximise the value of their data.

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Informatica, the leading data integration platform, offers a complete portfolio of products that support data integration, quality and governance.

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