Training days in 2018


Certifications obtained in 2018

Our training courses on new technologies

  • Alteryx
  • NLP
  • Machine Learning
  • Cloudera
  • AWS

Our innovation perspectives

  • Data Science
  • DataOps
  • Audio Analysis
  • Text Analysis

Our locations around the world

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How do we share
and evolve together?

One of the cornerstones of our company is evolution. The evolution of our staff, of the solutions we offer and of our vision of the Analytics market. You are guided, equipped and followed in order to take charge of your development.

upgrade A department dedicated to evolution

Because we believe that your dreams can evolve and because your aspirations are unique to you, we have created a team dedicated to your evolution. This team will guide you, advise you and monitor your progress to enable a professional career path that corresponds to you and is connected to the transformations of the Data & Analytics world.

techno_humain Technology at the service of the human being

Because we believe that clarity, real-time remote access and visual representation of evolution are as important as human support, we have developed an application dedicated to our people. You will be able to track your objectives, validate your achievements, access to your follow-up reports and much more...

formation A support to training

Because we believe that everyone is free to learn in its own way, we have developed a set of training courses offering you different approaches: personalized coaching, internal and certification trainings, e-learning, workshops… to meet your needs.

communaute A community of passionate experts

Because we believe that fulfillment is achieved through collaboration and sharing, we have created and support the development of technical and passionate communities. You share your ideas, your common projects, your expertise… simply exchange!

Want to join us? A three-step dialogue


We share a common corporate culture and vision

It all starts with an initial discussion with one of our HR specialists. Together we project ourselves into BGFi's vision and anchor your professional project in it.


We share expertise and a potential for career development

The exchange continues with one of our technical experts. The objective is simple: to evaluate your skills, your potential for career development and explain to you in concrete terms your role within BGFI.


We share the desire to collaborate and co-create

Finally, you will meet the entity's Leader and a member of his staff to discuss our current projects portfolio, our developments ambitions and our mutual expectations. At the positive end of this meeting, we will submit you a job offer.

Our process is designed to give you a clear and representative idea of your future work environment. We advise you to prepare yourself to get the most out of this experience: a thinking about the consulting profession, your professional future, the type of communities you could join or create...

You think you can stand out from the crowd?<br />
Prove it!

You think you can stand out from the crowd?
Prove it!

We believe that a person's potential and talent can be revealed regardless of their academic level and experiences. Some of our technical leaders prooved it. Rather than a resume, we suggest you start the process with a homemade technical challenge! We will send you an answer within 24 hours.

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