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Tableau Server has just been enhanced with a dedicated module to manage the content release process (Tableau Content Migration) and an advanced level of monitoring. Let’s introduce this module!

In a business environment that requires more and more autonomy in self-service data analytics, IT departments need to industrialize the deployment of new analytics projects without compromising either security requirements or overall end-to-end service quality.

Version 2019.3 of Tableau Server introduces a new administration module to address this situation. Initially called the McKinley Project, it was revealed last June in Berlin at the Editor’s European Conference.

Deployments automation

The deployment tool integrated with Tableau Server Management Add-on offers the ability to design creation or migration scenarios that can then be repeated at scale. The process not only allows you to easily move Tableau content from location A. to location B., it also allows you to apply a number of parameters and transformations to data sources or workbooks before starting the migration from the source server to the destination server.

FirstPage_article_Tableau Server 2019.3
FirstPage_Tableau Server 2019.3

All you have to do is save this migration as a template to be able to reuse it later or schedule deployments. Tableau Server administrator avoids having to go through the entire manual configuration phase: a must-have when you have to manage tens or even hundreds of spreadsheets!

Runtest_Tableau Server 2019.3
Runtest_Tableau Server 2019.3

On the security side, Tableau Server Management Add-on supports extract encryption, even if the deployment is performed on AWS through the integration with AWS Key Management Service. It also provides the ability to store the Tableau Server repository on Amazon RDS.

Administration and monitoring of resources

The other major component of Tableau Server Management Add-on is monitoring, with a more advanced tool that allows you to track in real time the evolution of ongoing requests, background tasks or the number of connected users. Its purpose: to help the administrator to quickly identify problematic processes, using an alert system and accessing complete logs.

Tableau Server Management Add-on is sold has a dedicated license for $3 per user per month. As always with Tableau, this module will be enhanced upgraded with new capabilities.

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